Our Projects


To allow a pilot plant of the micro-algae technology to be established and developed, two initial sites have been selected.

One in Stragglethorpe, in the district of Rushcliffe (Nottinghamshire) and the other in Hibaldstown in Lincolnshire.


This site is adjacent to an anaerobic digestion plant operated by Qila Energy. This plant burns the biogas in a CHP engine feeding the electricity into the grid and the heat back into the anaerobic digestion process.  Kilbride Biotech take the flue gas directly from the stack of the CHP engine and feed it into the bio-mass system.


This site is located on an ex-RAF airfield, adjacent to an anaerobic digestion plant run by Future Bio-Gas.  This plant upgrades the raw bio-gas, putting the methane to grid and vents CO2 to atmosphere.

Kilbride Biotech take the CO2 in its entirety and convert it to bio-mass.  The waste digestate from the plant can be converted to nutrient for the algae if required.